J2 Visuals is the San Francisco, California based video production collective headed by Joshua Kates and Joshua Clark-Collier.


Having both worked independently on documentary and commercial projects over the decade prior, we partnered to found J2 Visuals in 2015 after discovering that our particular interests and ambitions within the profession of visual storytelling through video were one in the same. 

Each of our core ideals individually serve a distinct purpose, but coalesced together they form a single mindset of intent through which our mentality and perspective as J2 Visuals is informed...

An approach toward our craft which regards substance of

content in equal measure to striking visual imagery...

Along each step of the creative process for any video we produce is a mindfulness toward ensuring the final product is not only aesthetically pleasing and beautiful to the viewer, but also works to just as naturally convey its intended message to the audience and consequently fulfill its purpose for existing in the first place. We believe these two aspects to be equally fundamental in determining any projects overall effectiveness, and that a video which simply looks good yet doesn't carry genuine substance of meaning is only performing half of its duty.

A level of engagement toward our client interactions that serves to generate confidence in their project at all times.

"The Disconnect" is something we've heard countless clients recall from their past endeavors hiring for creative work - time/money wasted on a project that turns out nothing like they'd envisioned. We avoid this by simply choosing to offer more than most creatives will in terms of freedom for our clients to engage in their project's development at every step. The capacity to which each client utilizes this available access is up to each, and despite it occasionally meaning more effort required for us, we know the assurance provided is well worth it. 

A conscious effort to ensure resources required for all projects are utilized as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

While our greater J2 Visuals team is readily available for any production which requires a larger crew, we find our greatest asset as a primarily two-person creative team is our inherent ability to remain modular and adaptive at all times. This ensures that every cent our clients put into partnering with us is done so potently. 

A commitment to our Bay Area roots and community that informs

the partnerships we establish and content we create.  

Where we choose to live and run J2 Visuals is vital to us - a conscious decision rather than a result of circumstances. The connection we feel for this place and the communities which form its character is the catalyst that informs the types of partnerships we seek out. Directing our efforts to connect with those who share this same sense of local pride and purpose not only results in more genuine working relationships, but ultimately serves to positively affect the creative output in ways unachievable through any other means. 


       e: contact@j2visuals.com

       p: 415-857-3050

Inner Richmond 

San Francisco, CA

We’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in partnering for video production work

of any kind, no matter what stage of the creative process you're at currently.


We're always happy to consult free of charge when initially building a dialogue together, in order to assure that we're a good fit for you and your creative needs.


We offer this level of engagement and personal commitment to potential partnerships before any contract is formed, becuase we believe in the difference a sincere working relationship and shared vision of intent have on your final product.

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