J2 Visuals is the San Francisco, California based video production collective headed by Joshua Kates and Joshua Clark-Collier.

J. Clark-Collier

J. Kates


Having both worked independently on documentary and commercial projects over the decade prior, we partnered to found J2 Visuals in 2015 after discovering that our particular interests and ambitions within the profession of visual storytelling though video were one in the same. 

Our core ideals separately each serve a distinct purpose, but coalesced together they form a single mindset of intent through which our mentality and perspective as J2 Visuals is informed...

An approach toward our craft which regards substance of content in equal measure to striking aesthetics and visual imagery.

At it’s most essential and bare, we consider a video in finalized form to function via two distinct and fundamental angles: the obvious one - how good does it look? - is easiest to consider and be conscious of as a viewer. The other - what does it communicate? - may be more abstract in function, but to us is equally important in determining a video’s overall effectiveness. Whether through relatively overt tactics such as audio dialogue in a documentary, or less obvious cues like the length and timing of each shot in a product ad and the effect produced by combining those separate pieces into a whole with specific purpose, we consider both of these angles along every step of the creation process.

A general attitude regarding our client interactions that serves to generate peace of mind toward and confidence in their project’s progress and eventual outcome at all times.

We’ve heard the horror stories from countless clients of their past experiences with The Disconnect - money and time wasted on creative work that ends up nothing like they’d originally envisioned. We avoid this by simply choosing to go beyond what most creative companies will offer as readily accessible options for our clients to utilize with regard to making sure their projects are progressing exactly as they intended. We establish at the start of each partnership the level of frequency to which each client prefers to consult and engage on their project, as we believe the extra time required to do so is worth the assurance and confidence it affords.

A conscious effort to retain maximum efficiency when determining the appropriate amount of resources required for any production.

As founders of J2 Visuals and co-owner/operators from the start, we’ve always been aware that one of our greatest assets as a team is the assurance that either of us can handle and be comfortable performing any task required for any project we take on. This dynamic and trust in each other’s abilities is beneficial in a multitude of ways, but none more so than the level of efficiency it enables us to tackle any given project with. While our greater J2 Visuals team is readily available for any production that requires a larger crew, it’s our capacity to remain flexible, modular, and adaptive with our use of resources that ensures every dollar our clients put into their product is spent efficiently.

A mindfulness of and commitment to our local Bay Area roots that, whenever possible, translates not only to the videos we create but also the relationships we build with other local businesses, institutions, and individuals in the process.

Where we choose to live and consequently operate J2 Visuals is important to us - a conscious decision  rather than simply a chance happening. The connection we feel for this place and the sharing of that pride with others in our community is something we value more than words can describe. It’s also the reasoning and motivation behind many of our goals and aspirations as a video production company based here. We constantly and adamantly seek out other local institutions, businesses, and individuals whose stories we believe should be told through video, and prioritize relationships and partnerships of those kind above all else.



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We’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in partnering for video production work of any kind, no matter what stage of the creative process you're currently in.


We're always happy to consult free of charge when initially establishing a relationship and building a dialogue together, in order to assure that we're a good fit for you and your creative needs.


We offer this level of engagement and personal commitment to potential partnerships before any contract is formed, because we believe and trust in a sincere working relationship and shared vision of intended results.

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